OGOK Exhibition Regulations

OGOK Exhibition Regulations

I. Definition of concepts:

1. Types of exhibitions:

exhibitions organized by local groups

exhibitions organized by the OGOK office

2. An exhibition organized by the local group is held under its leadership. The responsibility lies with the organizers.

the date of the exhibition is agreed with the Board of Directors of OGOK

the judges report to the OGOK office

exhibitions must be held under natural lighting (halls and closed rooms are excluded)

3. Exhibitions organized by the Board of OGOK are within its competence, as the order of holding, dates and judging are determined by the Board.

An organization can be assigned to a local group. In addition, additional requirements can be set, which will be announced as an independent decision, specifically for the relevant exhibition. For each case, a protocol is drawn up according to the prescribed order, which is announced.

II. Organization of the exhibition:

1. For each exhibition, the organizers issue a catalog to the participants before the event, which contains the following information:

All dogs registered for participation, divided by gender and age groups.

First the females, then the male dogs of the respective age group.

Age groups:

3 – 6 months

6 – 9 months

9 – 12 months

12 – 18 months

18 – 24 months

over 24 months

The data of the participating dogs:

Dog’s name (written in Latin), date of birth, RK and/or other pedigree number, tattoo number, title from passed exam, hip dysplasia conclusion, received keur – class (Only for dogs over 24 months) and parents .

Name, registration number or other number, name of the manufacturer, name and full address of the owner.

2. Identification of a breeding group is carried out under the following conditions:

To present at least three dogs over 6 months of age that participated in the present exhibition, with one common parent that may not participate in it.

3. Selection of a group for the competition “Best kennel” takes place under the following conditions:

To be at least 5 dogs over 6 months of age, participating in the current exhibition, produced by one kennel.

III. Ratings:

1. The following grades are awarded:

O TLICHEN – maximum rating for dogs over 24 months

VERY GOOD – maximum rating for dogs in age classes 12-18 months, 18-24 months

Other grades that may be awarded – GOOD, SATISFACTORY, UNSATISFACTORY

VERY PROMISING, PROMISING, LITTLE PROMISING – for classes 6-9 and 9-12 months

The ELIT rating can only be awarded to exhibitions organized by the OGOK office, and this is announced in advance.

IV. Special conditions:

For each registered dog, the handler must present a valid veterinary-medical passport.

The judge’s decision is final and not subject to appeal.

Exhibitors are obliged to provide correct information about their dog.

Participants in the exhibition are required to demonstrate sportsmanship and collegial behavior.

The handler of the dog and the dog itself can leave the ring only with the permission of the judge. Arbitrarily leaving the ring leads to disqualification of the handler from the exhibition.

In case of violation of points 2-5, the driver is liable according to the Statute of OGOK.

At the National Breeding Show, a character test is mandatory.

Exhibitors at the National Breeding Exhibition can only be previously requested and approved by the OGOK office.