About us

    The association was established on September 21, 2019, and since then its subject of activity is expressed in:
    Purebred breeding and registration of German shepherd dogs, bred and bred on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria in strict compliance with the requirements of the standard established by BRFC and FCI, regarding the racial characteristics of dogs of the German shepherd breed and an absolute ban on any crossing with other dog breeds .;
    work to improve the quality of physical properties of registered dogs of the German Shepherd breed and those of their character and useful qualities;
    organizing and supporting exhibitions and examinations of adolescent dogs of the German Shepherd breed, as well as providing expert assistance in carrying out the activities of the regional groups that are members of the OGOK;
    Determining favorable conditions for breeding German Shepherd dogs, carrying out examinations for selection suitability, issuing a breeding book, issuing a pedigree book and certificates of origin for German Shepherd dogs born from parents with proven and fixed origin and breeding relationships;
    Conducting and carrying out sports events /competitions/ of dogs of the German shepherd breed;
    Training and conducting exams for experts in the exterior and breeding activities, as well as judges in sports with dogs of the German Shepherd breed;
    Professional training of German shepherd dogs for sports and other useful purposes;
    Increasing the knowledge and interest of Bulgarians towards the breed of German shepherd dog.
    The goals of the association are:
    Guide – control and promotion of the breeding of German shepherd dogs, for their use as service dogs for authorities, assistance dogs for the blind, rescue dogs in emergency situations.
    Preserving, strengthening and deepening the qualities for application of GOK, increasing their physical abilities and endurance
    Breeding dogs with the best potential.
    Support of breeding and genetic research, development of scientific issues.
    Sports activity and planned training of GOK for different purposes of use.
    Explanatory work and campaign activity in favor of the breed.
    Formation of interest in GOK among new groups of the population, as well as in breeding and training of the breed.