1 . The club penalties are:


Revoke local group membership.

Warning for exclusion from the Union.

Temporary deprivation of the right to hold official positions in OGOK.

Exclusion from OGOK.

2. Temporary shutdown:

It may NOT be issued for less than 6 months or for more than 2 years. Re-admission of a temporarily suspended member can only be done with the consent of the Board.

If this penalty is imposed conditionally, it means that the actions resulting from the exclusion do not take effect until, within this period, the person punished is blameless.

If the behavior of the punished is not blameless, in a new procedure it must be decided whether a final expulsion should follow.

3. Final shutdown:

Access to the Breeding Book is prohibited.

Participation in OGOK events is prohibited.

4. Instances:

Chairing a local group.

Chairmanship of the Union.

5. The presidency of a local group can state:


Revoking membership of a local group.

Request to exclude a member from the Association. When requesting expulsion from OGOK, the local group must submit the case and all evidentiary materials to the Governing Council of the Association.

6. The Board of Directors of OGOK can impose all penalties:

It is extremely authoritative for the temporary deprivation of the right to hold official positions in OGOK.

It is extremely authoritative for any exclusion from the Union.

7. Local and higher penalty:

If the Presidency of a local group has already imposed a penalty, this does not mean that a higher instance cannot also determine a penalty. When taking the action, the penalty already imposed must be taken into account.

8. Reasons for exclusion:

For gross violations of the Statute, Rules and regulations of the competent bodies of the Association.

In case of severe damage to the detriment of the Union.

For behavior contrary to the spirit of camaraderie within the Union. It includes rude, unjustified behavior towards a judge, an official or an unfounded, unjustified accusation against another member.

Due to unreliability in breeding and buying and selling dogs.

When giving intentionally false data for entry in the Breeding Book or at events for issuing “Certificate of Mating” and other club documents. In addition, in case of an attempt to mislead a judge, in case of prohibited intervention to correct the dog (the position of the tail, ears, etc.) or other incorrect actions during the exhibitions or examinations, during the breeding or during the sale.

Failure to pay the membership fee after a reminder leads to self-exclusion. The same can happen with members who, despite being prompted, have not paid any service to OGOK.

In case of dishonest actions inside and outside the Union.

9. Initiation of procedure:

A procedure for establishing a club penalty can be triggered by the OGOK Board of Directors or by the presidencies of the local groups.

The Board of the Association may at any time consider a case and initiate a procedure if, based on the importance of the case, it seems appropriate.

The affected member should direct their allegations to another member in their respective local group. She then introduced the OGOK Board of Directors to the problem and the accusations.

Only such accusations are presented that refer to the Statute, Regulations, instructions and other provisions of the bodies of OGOK or violation of the order and interests of the member community.

Personal disputes are not considered by the instances of the Union. For cases of this kind, members can seek the help of Courts and other institutions.

If the accusations against a member are clearly groundless and do not affect the interests of the Association, the procedure is not started. If, upon inspection, it is found that the accusations are unfounded or unprovable, the procedure is terminated. The accuser and the accused must be notified of this. The accuser does not have the right to make an independent complaint against the fact that the procedure was not started or was terminated.

10. Disclosure of charge and offer of acquittal:

The procedure is conducted in writing, the accuser must be informed of the charges brought against him in their most important points with the insistence that, within three weeks after receiving the same, express an opinion on the charge and name evidence that could serve to justify it .

11. Procedural rules:

The equitable interests of an accused member require that the period of uncertainty between the commencement and conclusion of the proceedings be shortened. Therefore, all procedures must be carried out with acceleration.

Taking into account the remoteness of the place of residence of the participants and the resulting costs, the procedure before the Board of Directors of OGOK can be done in writing. Minutes must be drawn up for the hearings of the court proceedings, which must be signed by the person in charge of the hearing and the recorder.

Witnesses should be reminded not to perjure themselves.

12. Legal Service:

The Legal Service is the lead investigation instance for the Board of Directors of OGOK. It has the right to request information and evidence from local groups. Local groups are required to comply with all such requests made by the legal department.

13. Solutions:

The competent bodies for the imposition of club penalties decide by a simple majority of votes.

When determining a penalty, the victim must be notified in writing of the penalty and the reasons for its imposition.

All decisions should be made short and clear, where only the most essential points are considered.

The decisions of the Board of Directors of OGOK are communicated by the General Secretary.

Penalties imposed by local group presidencies are communicated to the affected member in writing.

14. Consequences of Exclusion:

Upon expulsion from OGOK, membership in all its subdivisions is terminated. Withdrawal of membership from a local group does not result in the loss of the right to membership in other groups of the Association.

15. Objection procedure:

Meetings imposed by the Presidency of the local group of punishments is a permissible protest before the Board of OGOK. Otherwise, there is no legal remedy, meeting club penalties.

In the presence of important reasons based on good faith judgment, the Board of the Association may cancel or modify the decisions of the local group.

16. Participation in a lower instance excludes participation in a higher instance:

Whoever participated as a member of one instance in making a decision in the judicial proceedings of the Association, is excluded from participating in a higher instance in making a decision in the same case.

17. Terms:

In case of written submission of explanations, the stipulated period is 1 month.

If the deadline is missed for reasons beyond the control of the affected member, at his request, the deadline can be extended.

If the deadline is inadvertently missed by the affected member for any reason, his request is automatically rejected.

The Management Board of OGOK has the right to react within 3 months on the signals, documents, data and evidence submitted to it.

18. Termination of procedure:

The Chairman of OGOK must be notified of imposed club penalties. He forwards the information to the General Secretary to be communicated to all groups.

If a member of the procedure decides on his own to leave voluntarily.

In case of missing the deadlines for handing over the evidence, materials and everything related to the documentary part of the case.

After the termination of the procedures, a decision is made whether the expelled or resigned member will be included in the list of persons who cannot be re-admitted to the Association. It must also be decided whether this article should be reported to the relevant canine organizations.